Excellence in materials and ceramic craftsmanship, Gigacer presents ceramics as a tool for architecture. The porcelain stoneware slabs from Gigacer’s collections are designed to be a true instrument in the hands of the designer: the colors and textural surfaces with which to clad volumes and spaces.

The distinctive features of the company’s philosophy have become Gigacer’s strengths over time:

  • the study of the surface, its texture, and material consistency;
  • the choice of colors that adapt to the project, lending themselves to architectural composition;
  • the overall aesthetic effect arising from the combination of material and color, designed to be the stage of living, the backdrop on which to compose interior design.

The visual and tactile effects convey homogeneous vibrations. According to us, the surface is a well-designed compositional element primarily when there is coherence between aesthetics and materiality.
Proudly made in Italy, Gigacer products are designed to stand the test of time, just like architecture.

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