Introduction to Hakwood

Hakwood is a Dutch family business that has been in operation since 1979. It is built around the enterprising Hak-family, with each generation bringing their unique skills and commitment to the company.

Our business is now led by Mark and Robert Hak and has evolved into a global design leader in the design and manufacturing of luxury wood flooring, made in the Netherlands.

Made in the Netherlands

Our wood flooring solutions are exclusively designed and produced in-house in the Netherlands by our in-house R&D team and the best craftspeople in the industry.

Hakwood’s unique advantage lies in the ability to blend traditional hand-made techniques with cutting-edge hightech machinery, resulting in a perfect combination of craftsmanship and precision. The production process is sophisticated and includes up to 17 quality inspections to ensure the highest standards.

European Oak & Ash

At Hakwood, we value the natural qualities of wood, such as warmth, richness, diversity, and strength. We source only the best European Oak & Ash for our products.

We pay attention to even the smallest details to bring out the best in the wood, knowing that every choice must be made with care.

More information – https://www.hakwood.com/en/